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Short course of wine and oil tasting with a light dinner

Our Sommelier is pleased to organize at Il Paluffo a short course of wine and oil tasting with a light dinner. For two hours, she will teach you how to taste wine and oil and how combine wine with food.  Three natural wines will be matched with four kind of organic cheese, prosciutto toscano, prosciutto Cinta senese, guanciale and ''bruschette'' with Paluffo EVO oil and lastly as a dessert Tuscan cookies (cantucci) with Vin Santo (sweet wine).

Cooking class


 Book a Cooking Class with a professional cook if you want to learn how to do a complete Italian dinner. During the lesson you will do a whole dinner following the Italian and Tuscan tradition; you’ll learn to make fresh pasta, delicious pasta sauces, traditional recipes, delectable vegetables and desserts, and much more according to season. During cooking classes we’ll prepare a 4 courses meal (appetizers, first and main course, dessert) or a simpler fare of first, main course and quick dessert. Classes can be planned to suit your needs, time may vary from about 2 to 3 and 1/2 hrs. Our choice is for fresh, local, wholesome and mostly organic ingredients.The meal will include bread and water. The meal will be served in your dining room or in your apartment. Wine is not included in the package however a selection of Natural organic wines from Tuscany is available for our guests. The menu can be customized as per guests taste and diet.

Some of the dishes we cook and eat together... 

 Zesty marinated olives, Herbed focaccia, Golden eggplants with roasted tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella in salsa verde, Roasted balsamic peppers, Stuffed zucchini flowers with fresh sheep ricotta and thyme, Panzanella (tuscan bread and tomatoes salad)....

Hand-made saffron fettuccine with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and basil, Special eggplant lasagna, Farmer’s risotto or other risotto on season, Pappa al pomodoro (tuscan tomato & basil soup), Mediterranean spelt salad...

 Chicken cacciatora with olives, Guinea-fowl with caramelized shallots and herbs, Vegetable pies, Savoury stockfish tart..

 Caponata, Sauted string beans with almonds and herbs, Slowly roasted vegetables, Escarole and peppers with raisins, Stuffed tomatoes....

Chocolate ricotta tart, Cantucci (traditional Tuscan almond biscotti), Stuffed amaretto peaches, Figs and walnuts schiacciata (typical sweet focaccia), “Tender Heart” Chocolate cake, Apple pie.

Pasta lesson

Min. 4 people

The Pasta Cooking Class is perfect for guests who want to learn how to do real hand made italian pasta such as spaghetti alla chitarra, tortellini, ravioli, etc.

The lesson lasts about 2 hours. During the lesson with a professional cook you will produce your own pasta. At the end you will cook the pasta and eat it in our dining room or in your apartment. Including still water and bread as well as real hand made Tuscan Cantucci cookies or other desserts.

A professional chef cook in your kitchen for you!

Price per person is subject to the number of guests

Our Professional chefs are at your service in comfort of your apartment’s Kitchen or Manor House’s Kitchen. Compliment your green holiday with a wonderful dining experience prepared by our top Chefs at your private space.  The meals include Tuscan cuisine and can contain antipasto, primo piatto, secondo piatto and dessert, including bread and water. Wine is not included in the package however a selection of Natural organic wines from Tuscany is available for our guests. The menu can be customized as per guests taste and diet too.

Have a Tuscan Mama meal served in your dining room

Minimum 4 people

Bored of restaurants? Tired of a long trip? Lazy in the kitchen? Book a tipical meal made by a Tuscan Mama and enjoy Tuscan cuisine in our dining room or in your apartment. The meal includes primo piatto, secondo piatto, dolce of the traditional Tuscan cooking art. The menu can be customized following your diet or your willings. Bread and the water are included, sparkling water and wine aren’t included. A selection of Natural organic wines from Tuscany are available for our guests.

Pizza night

Minimum 10 people- 35 euro/each for Houses guests, 40 euro/each for B&B guests, up to 6 years free

Pizza is a delicious Italian speciality made of simple, fresh and genuine ingrediends that can be a complete and healthy meal. During the Pizza Night you will be able to follow our professional pizzaiolo in all steps: the preparation of the dought and its rising, the owen lighting and warming up at the right temperature, stretching out the dough, putting the topping and gently move into the Historical Paluffo owen: wait few minutes and… enjoy the Pizza!

Truffle Hunting

Minimum 5 adults

The Paluffo area is well known for white and black truffles. The Truffle hunting lasts about 2 hours in which an experienced hunter with his dog will introduce you in this unique activity. After at Paluffo you will taste the truffle collected with a light lunch or dinner (tagliolini and fried eggs). Season from March to December, best October and November.

Wineries in Chianti

No minimum pax

Discover the enchanting Chianti landscape with it’s traditions and great wines. The visit include Chianti wineries, mainly with organic production of Natural wine, guided visits of cellars  and wine tastings. We can also organize a lunch in the taste room if requested. In a one half day tour you could drive from the Chianti Florence Hills area up to the Chianti Classico area (the Black Rooster Chianti) and visit two different wineries, brave people can also visit three wineries...

Healing in Paluffo

No minimum pax -

Treat yourself with a massage here at Il Paluffo. Our professional masseur will perform relaxing, decontracturing and craniosacral massages, as well as shiatsu treatments. 

My Body lives in harmony with my Mind, my Mind with my Energy, my Energy with my Spirit, my Spirit with the rules of Emptiness. Every time I feel a perception, I need to go through it, but I don't know if I could reach it from my arms or legs, from my hearth, from my abdomen or my interior organs." Nei Ching, The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Interior Medicine

Hot air Balloon flight

No minimum pax - 250 euro per person

You will fly over the legendary Chianti landscape with its hilltop towns, castles, valleys, famous vineyards, and mixed woodlands. The olives' silver and the many variegated shades of green appear as a veil over elemental majesty and silence. On clear days in the distance you can see Florence to the North and the Apennine mountain range in the background; to the West you can see San Gimignano, Certaldo, and Volterra and the sea in the far distance; to the South, Poggibonsi, Colle Val d'Elsa and Siena.

Electric bike tour

Minimum 2 people

Make your visit to Tuscany special with our Authentic Tuscany Bike Tour. See the typical Tuscan landscape, with old farmhouses, mills, vineyards olive groves, villas and castles. The tour can be customized with a stop for a wine tasting and/or light lunch and our excellent guide, who wrote many books about Tuscany, will give you a memorable introduction to Tuscany.

The price includes e-bike, bike bags, light lunch and/or wine tasting and guide. The e-bike tour starts at about 10.00 am and finishes around 3.00 pm

As an alternative to the organized tour, for those who love to discover the hills around the Paluffo independently, possibility of renting electric bikes.

Donkey trekking

2 people
Enjoy the Tuscan nature with a donkey trekking around Paluffo. The donkey are a tipycal tuscan breed "Amiatina" and are very calm and sweet, perfect for children and people that aren't familiar with animals. Children and people lighter than 50 kg can ride the donkeys.

Opera Concert

minimum 2 people - 480 euro

This is a unique experience where you will get to experience a Lyric concert exclusive for you. Soprano and tenor singers, accompanied by a piano player, will introduce you to some of the most famous Italian opera arias. Operas include la Traviata, Boheme, Barbiere di Siviglia, and you are sure to experience a unique and exceptional evening. 

Ceramic Decoration Workshop

Min: 2 pax
The Art of decorated ceramic is one of the tradition of the area around il Paluffo; take one-hour of personalised course to learn the art of ceramic decoration with Anna who guides and teach you her own art. The funny experience suites with adults but almost for families with children: during the lesson you will shape your ceramic gift from Tuscany with colours and decorations on your preference.

Vespa Tour

No min pax
The Vespa Tour in Tuscany is the perfect option for guests seeking a fun and exciting tour in the beautiful Tuscan countryside around Il Paluffo. Every day  pm you can live as a local as you zip around the stunning Tuscan countryside on a REAL Vespa (with automatic gears)!The tour is perfect for all levels as we always begin with a lesson so that beginners may get the hang of driving. After the lesson, the real fun begins. We will zip through the winding country roads and stop for pictures along the way. You won’t want to forget your camera on this trip – the sights around Il Paluffo are incredible and you will be driving in the heart of the Tuscan region of Chianti! After our picture break, we will continue driving until a local farm to learn a little bit about how the local wine and olive oil is created. Follows the tasting where you will get the chance to sample wines and olive oil made on-site. During the tour you won’t feel like just another tourist, you will get to explore Chianti like a real local! It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the region around Il Paluffo ! Bring your camera, there are many excellent photo opportunities on this trip... and don’t forget your valid driving license!