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Manor House

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Torre House

Stillo House, two bedrooms, two private bathrooms

Stillo House, two bedrooms, two private bathrooms

General Rules and Ecopraxis

Keys Loss or Damage
Please, be careful not to loose or damage your keys during your stay. If you loose or damage your keys, we will charge you for 300€. 
Air conditioning

Please keep the windows closed when you use the AC or the heating. The AC and the heating is self-adjusting. Open the upper flap or slide the button to I. To switch off the AC you just close the upper flap or slide the button to O.

By Italian law, the AC works from 26 °C or more, the heating maximum temperature is 20°C.


The beverages (sodas, beer and wine) are available in the honesty bar in the common area. Please note down on the form attached to the fridge when you take a beverage.   A selection of local wines is also available in the lobby. Please ask for suggestions.

Chech-in check-out

Preferred arrival time 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm.  Later check in only on request; an extra fee of 30 euro could be applied in case of later check in without previous information.
Check out must take place before 10:00 am or the day before in case of early departure 

Environmental Friendliness

Please help us to save natural resources by switching off lights when you don’t use them and by minimizing your use of water (shut off water when you brush you teeth, prefere shower intead bath in the tub). Please keep windows closed when you use the AC or heating.

Paluffo has a low environmental impact and the use of renewable resources is our goal. A photovoltaic power plant provides electricity, rain is collected for plant and grass irrigation, water is warmed by solar panels and waste waters are cleaned naturally with plant-based purification methods. Our heating system is fuelled by biomass pellets (compressed waste wood) and by a heatpump.

Final cleaning of apartments

We kindly ask our guests to leave the apartment clean when checking out at Il Paluffo; please leave the crockery and dishes washed in the dishwasher, and throw the trash correctly separated in the bins close to the parking.
Otherwise, we will apply an additional cleaning fee of 200 euros for extra cleaning.
Thank you for being so understanding!


The garbage must be separated: please use containers in the kitchen (labels identify what to put where).

Blue bin: plastic, metal cans, tetrapack (juice, milk cartons).

White bin: paper and cardboard.

Brown bin: organic waste (peelings, egg-shells, coffee grounds, leftover cooked food etc).

Gray bin: all the rest.

Guests are kindly requested to bring the garbage to the bins that are located in the car park. The glass must be collected to the green bells that are located in the main road (SP 79)


The entrance of external non resident people even if friends or relatives of Paluffo's guests is under approval by Paluffo direction.

Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is available in each bathroom. Do not use it during your shower or bath!


Enjoy sleeping on the latex mattress and pillow.


At sunset and nighttime we suggest you keep windows closed when a light is on. Mosquito repellent is available in your room. If you need it, we suggest you only use it at nighttime. A mosquito net is provided for each bed.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the houses

Soaps and shampoos

In your bathroom you will find organic vegan soap,  foam bath and shampoo. These soaps and shampoos are locally produced by Biolu. They protect your skin by using natural oils and no chemical elements. The products are very effective but do not produce much lather. Your skin will feel softer and smoother…

Swimming pool

The Bio swimming pool is private and may only be used with the owners' approval and at your own risk. The water in the bio swimming pool is clean and pure but exists in a fragile natural environment. For this reason we kindly request our guests to respect the following rules:

  • take a shower before going into the pool

  • do not walk on the stone area

  • do not swim in the flower and plant area

  • do not throw anything in the water

  • remember that the maximum depth is 2.5 meters

  • diving is not allowed

  • do not use bathroom towels in the Bio swimming pool; note that you can request bio pool towels as extra.

  • close the entrance doors as soon you leave the swimming poolarea

  • note that under-18s are not allowed to use the pool without their parents 


Tipping policy

Tips are welcome and equally distributed among the staff. Grazie!


Washing machine

A washing machine and a dryer are available with extra charge. Ask the room maid or Federica for the use.  


Water saving

We encourage our guests to save water following the practices:

- use shower rather than tub bath

- avoid water running during teeth cleaning

- use dishwasher only with full charge of dishes

- prefer dishwasher instead hand cleaning


Sustainability report 2023


- 12kW photovoltaic plant under upgrate to 20 kW

- Production of domestic hot water with solar panels

- Use of FSC certified pellets and produced in Tuscany for winter heating 

- New high efficiency heat pump 60kW on duty

- The consumption of pellets, electricity and the electricity produced are recorded and updated monthly.

- The supply of electricity is certified from renewable sources

- The water resulting from cleaning the bio-pool is filtered and reintroduced into the bio-pool.

- Customers are informed verbally about eco-practices at check-in and via

- The staff is selected without prejudice of a racial, religious and gender nature.

- Employees are verbally illustrated the “eco-practice training manual” containing the guidelines of eco-practices to follow.

- Compilation by the management and the consultant of the Risk Assessment Document (DVR) to protect the quality and safety of work

- Participation in haccp courses and occupational safety for staff

- Knowledge of the territory is spread by stimulating the publication of articles in media with a national impact.

- LED lighting everywhere

- Waste is differentiated and disposed of in accordance with the procedures established by the public collection body Publiambiente which guarantees the traceability of both the waste produced and its disposal.

- We promote the sale of local artisan products at our headquarters

- Collaboration with companies providing services to discover local art and culture such as e-bikes, horse riding, donkey rides

- Exclusive use of organic products such as soap, shampoo, sanitizing detergents

- toilet paper produced in Tuscany from recycled tetrapack containers

- use of certified organic products for breakfast (at least in a percentage of 70%)

- 5 charging stations for electric vehicles

- production of EVO oil, wine and honey according to principles of organic and ethical agriculture